Viviendo mejor en Panamá

Too much publicity exists about foreigners moving to Panama for lower prices, warmer weather, and a higher quality of life on a budget. There are greater benefits for relocating to Panama. Many foreigners attest to the fact that Panama changes people for the better.

Stress reduction: Everyone has stress and for many it is a way of life with all the hours they put into working. Political, social, and economic pressures cause stress. Many expats in Panama report that the way of life is simpler than where they came from, alleviating the stress from their past residence.

Improved health: Less stress improves health. Panama offers numerous types of fresh fruits and seafood for healthier eating. The islands, beaches, valleys, mountains, jungles and rainforests all offer natural stress reduction. Expats find many healthy outdoor activities in this warmer country. Foreigners who used to live in cold countries find they no longer experience as many cold weather related health issues in Panama. Eating better, involvement with outdoor activities, and less time in cold weather all contribute to less stress and a healthier lifestyle.

Do more for less cost: Retirees moving to Panama on fixed budgets find the cost of living much lower than from where they came. Other relocation options around the world are simply too expensive. Another advantage is that in Panama anyone can live a simpler life for less.

New cultural experiences: Spanish, Afro-Antillean, American, and Indigenous cultures have all influenced Panama as can be seen in the cuisine, music, art, and architecture. In a smaller way, you can experience French culture with its gastronomy and architecture near Plaza Francia in Casco Antiguo. In addition, around 10% of the population is of Chinese heritage. To a smaller degree, there are communities of Lebanese with a number of Lebanese restaurants scattered around Panama City. Do not forget that Panama City has a high concentration of Jewish communities with several synagogues and kosher restaurants. Panama offers a very diverse cultural experience.

In conclusion, many expats are satisfied with Panama’s way of life and appreciate the healthier lifestyle, cultural diversity and lower costs.

By: Staff at POLS – Attorneys || (507) 227 – 6645

Courtesy of The Visitor