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On another Yahoo group the following Home Invasion was recently posted.

Carmen and I were invaded last Monday by a couple of 20 something neighborhood hoodlums at about 8ish am broad daylight!. One of the boys threatened Carmen brandishing a machete, (I think that they believed that nobody was home and that they would have free-reign of the place; that’s why Carmen had completely surprised them when she quietly showed up between the greenhouse and the kitchen area thinking that the noises she was hearing was just myself rummaging around in the kitchen; when she saw a masked young man skulking low around the kitchen area, she then courageously and loudly asked him what in HELL was he doing in our home and to get the HELL out immediately!! The other idiot then responded to her screams by entering from the dining area where he was staking out the situation with a machete in his hand-no mask; when I heard Carmen screaming and I began to react to the situation-too late, unfortunately or fortunately; because, we both believe that if I had seen them I would’ve gone into a raging ‘berserker’ mode with these idiots; and it could have turned out much worse, I fear!); anyway, after she screamed “J O O O H N”, they left so fast-thank goodness-that I didn’t even see them as I left the backroom to see what was happening with Carmen screaming! She was in the small greenhouse by our kitchen in the front of our home. The invaders had entered through the kitchen door after having hopped the fence in the southwest corner that is right next to the road and Dirk’s place. It all happened sooo fast that I didn’t even see them leave. Carmen DID get a clear look a the machete-brandishing kid, though. Luckily, two of our neighbors saw them and one identified the one carrying the machete.
We went to the corriadora, Orquidea, up in Cerro Punta, after we had called the policia/DIJ, who all showed up within the hour. Lt. Martinez and one other came to take the report and then 5 DIJ fellows showed up to take notes of what had happened. We don’t expect anything to be done very soon, if at all.
After 12 yrs living here in our little “sanctuary” in Paso Ancho, we now know how lucky we’ve faired. Life has changed for us now in a fundamental way, as we now feel very vulnerable (and realize that we’ve always been very vulnerable to this kind of thing happening to us, as has happened to others of our neighbors some years back. Most of the homes around us have been entered illegally and stolen from, by now, it seems. We are now in the process of putting up razor-wire and, eventually, an electric fence, as well, to, hopefully, prevent such easy access to happen again to soon, at least; but, most importantly and as is already being done in other areas, we are also are organizing a neighborhood-watch group for our section of Paso Ancho. We met Saturday and will meet again at the end of the week. Please call us, if you live in our section of PA. Our numbers are on the Highlanders.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and please give Carmen a call, if so inclined, as she’s still quite shaken up. We know this is traumatic for all who have experienced such an invasion and we know and feel deeply for those of who have been through HELL with this in the recent past and for those who didn’t make it out alive that are/were friends and acquaintances. Many of us know of whom I refer.
Blessed Be to all in all ways.
John and Carmen

Courtesy of Chiriqui Chatter