Summit of the Americas 2015

The Panama Helpline presents:
The MS Panama Medical Insurance will present first on Group Medical Plan.

Tuesday March 31 – 1:15 PM (sharp) – 2:30PM

La Paz Church – on the InterAmericana in Coronado – between Bayside Mall (Melo/Swan Spa/ HIM) and Caja de Ahorro Bank – stay on the shoulder as you pass Bayside – its a quick right into the driveway

Presented by Mark Heyer
Co-founder Alto al Crimen, Boquete Hotline
Advisor to the Panama Helpline

Presented in cooperation with the Panama Helpline.
Profits donated to the Helpline
Entry fee: $5 for Panama Helpline Members, $10 per person non-members

This seminar is about how to live crime-free in Panama through preparation
“Two types of people sleep soundly – the prepared and the clueless”

We all wear seat belts in our cars and we all take care of our health. Home and community security is no more difficult to achieve than driving safely and getting regular health checkups.

Security from crime is a natural part of the philosophy and practice of a healthy life. Once understood and mastered, you will sleep well knowing that you are among the prepared.

You will receive a workbook with the information from this seminar, including a home security checklist that will guide you in setting up your personal defense against crime.

In this seminar you will learn how to create a healthy ecosystem of defenses to protect your family, house, neighborhood and community against the ravages of crime.

PART ONE – How to create a healthy, secure lifestyle in Panama
• You will learn how to incorporate effective crime prevention into your life without being paranoid or “living in a prison.”
• We will discuss in detail the four steps to create an effective crime prevention system for your life and your community
1 This is our community. We own it and take responsibility for protecting it
2 This is our neighborhood. We live here and bad guys are not welcome
3 This is my house. I own it and take responsibility for making it safe to live in
4 This is my family. I take responsibility for making sure no harm comes to it.
• You will learn the successful principles and methods of community policing pioneered in Boquete and now being implemented in the Coronado area by the Panama Helpline and similar organizations in other parts of Panama.
• You will learn why the police can’t and won’t protect you from crime

PART TWO – Putting it to work in your own life

You will learn the key principles for building an effective personal home defense ecosystem – which can be applied in every situation, at every budget level and will guide you in the selection of custom-tailored prevention and defensive methods.
• Defending your home
• The Four Ds – Deter, Detect, Disrupt, Defend
• Knowing when you are in danger – Burglaries, robberies and maids
• How the bad guys will get into your house and how to stop them before they do
• Setting up a perimeter defense – the key to successful security
• Dogs – When they work and when they don’t
• Alarm systems – when they work and when they don’t
• Defending yourself
• To gun or not to gun
• Boat horns, big flashlights
• Alternatives to being beaten in your own home
• Building your community defense
• Organize your neighbors
• Let the bad guys know this is not the town to come to
• The role of organizations like the Panama Helpline
• Questions and answers

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