Modernos rascacielos en la ciudad de Panamá.

Selecting a holiday destination can be difficult, especially right now when technology and air travel have shrunk the world. At a touch of a button you can book your time in the sun or the snow, whatever your preference. However, if you would like a fun and interesting time why not come to Panama.

Explore Panama

Explore Panama: a group of tourists go rafting in a river in Boquete, Chiriqui.

It is a tiny country full of wonders: pristine beaches, dense jungles, interesting gastronomy and a cultural heritage which is the product of the melting pot that is Panama. As a destination, the Isthmus has the best air connections in the region with direct flights to more than 70 cities in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, which makes it easier for the traveler to come here, without having to do stopovers in other countries.

Another advantage of this air connectivity is that it allows visitors to go to other nearby countries such as Costa Rica, Colombia and Cuba. European and Middle Eastern travelers can visit several North and Latin American destinations using Panama as a base.

Panama also has one of the best infrastructures of the region, without losing its identity. The capital city is a modern metropolis with skyscrapers, malls, the first metro of Central America, the Panama Canal, high standard hotels and varied gastronomy with restaurants capable of competing with those in New York and London.

The country has beaches on the Caribbean and the Pacific, surrounded by tropical forest. The water is clear and you can even find your own private spot away from the madding crowd while making friends with the local wildlife. In certain parts of the country, such as Boca Chica and Pedasí, the tamarind, capuchin and howler monkeys come very close to human sunbathers on beaches.

Thrill seekers are in their element in Panama, with all kinds of extreme sports facilities at Nitro City. Sport fishing is especially good all over the country and scuba divers can learn about the secrets of the deep in places like Coiba, while surfers will be more than happy on the Pedasi and Bocas del Toro beaches.

Waterfall in El Valle de Anton, Cocle province.

Waterfall in El Valle de Anton, Cocle province.

Places like El Valle and Boquete have a cooler climate, which is a nice contrast after spending time at the beach. El Valle is famous for its golden frogs that can be seen at the Nispero Zoo and El Macho Waterfall. You can practice water rafting or go horse riding. Boquete, the small mountain town in Chiriqui is full of adventurous things to do, from exploring caves and the surrounding forest to rock climbing and river rafting.

The whole country is full of historical sites and traditions. Experience the Spanish culture in the Azuero peninsula, dance with the Congos of Afro descendants in Colón and Bocas del Toro, get to know the different indigenous groups in San Blas, Darien and Chiriqui and at the same time admire their wonderful handicrafts.

Panama is more than a destination, with many things to do. It is the heart of the continent, where many races have converged to create this little country, full of tradition and history, where everybody is welcome.

Courtesy of The Visitor