Our gardener, Carlos, called me from the backyard earlier today. He had a snake draped over a tool and was taking him out to the back lot. I wasn’t real happy that he had killed a snake. Since he’s a local guy, he should know that most snakes are harmless. Good thing for me (and my pets) is that he’s a local guy and knows about snakes. This one was extremely dangerous.
Usually found in the trees in rain forests, this bocaraca was in our garden and was only noticed when Carlos came by with the weedwacker. Panamanians call this snake Bocaraca but it’s official name is the Eyelash Pit Viper. They come in different colors, from bright yellow to almost black. It is extremely dangerous and would have easily killed one of our cats or dogs. This is not the snake in question since that particular one is a headless, drying corpse in the lot behind us.
He told us that they are very common in Caldera, about 40 minutes away. It’s also the beginning of rainy season so our insects and other wildlife change with the climate. I just hope the snakes stay elsewhere.

Courtesy of Loving Retirement in Panama